Student Council

About the Program 

The goal of our West High Student Council is to help better our school and our community.  Our council creates the opportunity for students to become effective leaders.  The students involved are responsible for planning activities throughout the year for the student body.  Through involvement in student council, students learn valuable life skills including teamwork, budgeting, and planning or coordinating events and donations.

Students in Action

Fall Events: 

  • Homecoming – Council representatives plan and organize all homecoming  events including the parade, Iron Man, dodgeball, and the dance  

  • Blood Drive- Council representatives work in collaboration with LifeServe to allow teachers and students to give  

  • Festival of Trees – Council representatives decorate a Christmas tree that is auctioned off for a Siouxland foundation or charity  

  • Iowa Student Leadership – council representatives attend and present 

  • National Adoption day – Council representatives make Forever Home baskets for the children that are being adopted in the Siouxland area.  

Winter Events:  

  • Adopt Westside – The council adopts families from the Westside at Christmas time to create a special experience. Council representative provide presents, food, and essential household essential for the families.  

  • Teen Mental Health Conference – The West Council hosted the first Siouxland Teen mental health conference in 2020.   

  • Pink Out – The council works with the basketball team to host silent auctions, decorate the gym and raise awareness for cancer 

  • Teen Love Revolution – The council organizes a week that is geared towards awareness for Teen Relationships 

Spring Events: 

  • Spring Fling Dance- Council representatives plan and organize the dance 

  • Blood Drive- Council representatives work in collaboration with LifeServe to allow teachers and students to give  

West High Council Achievements: 

  • Honor Council in Iowa 

  • National Council of Excellence 

  • West High Holds 2 District Officers for the Northwest Region in Iowa 

Council Representatives 

Each grade has 10-15 members 

2020 Council Leaders 

President: Javier Fuentes 
Vice President:  Anh Huynh 
Sgt. At Arms:  Rosario Chalcan 
Secretary:  Reid Jansen 
Historian:  Hannah Trometer 
Social Media Specialist:  Gabe Comestock 

Pay it Forward 

Each week throughout the school year, council representative provide random acts of kindness to build a positive environment for staff and students to learn, grow, and succeed.  

Giving Back 

Student council attends and volunteers at many events throughout the school year. Each year, student council volunteers at Santa’s House, the Salvation Army, Art Splash, Greek Fest, Relay for Life, the Crop Walk, Elementary school-sanctioned events, and the Food Bank of Siouxland, Inc.  

Are you looking for student volunteers or assistance with local fundraising? The North High Student Council is here to help! Contact the student council program advisor to learn more about student council community partnerships.  

Meet the Advisor