About the Program

West High School is proud to offer baseball. The Iowa High School Athletic Union sanctions our high school sports for boys. Our teams compete in the Missouri River Conference. Through involvement in athletics, students learn valuable life skills, including teamwork, leadership, and commitment.    

Meet the Coach

Head Coach: Gabe Hoogers 

Meet the Players

Student-athletes give their all, both on and off the field. Countless hours go into strength, conditioning, and practice to build strong athletes that are prepared to compete. Likewise, our athletes fulfill academic requirements in order to participate in sports. 

Stats & Highlights 

Our students are gracious in victory and defeat. While we compete to win, our athletes know, it’s how you play the game that matters.  

Notable Achievements 


  • Scotty Colt vs Spalding Catholic, 2003 

  • Brian Miller vs Remsen St. Mary’s, 1985 

  • Kevin Wauhob vs Maple Valley, 1983 

  • Kirk Kukuk vs Wakefield, 1979 

  • Russ Dokken vs East, 1976 

Hits in a Game 

  • 5 – Joe Keegan vs Woodbury Central, 2014 

Strikeouts in a Game 

  • 15 – Tanner Wauhob vs Maple Valley Anthon, 2015 

  • 17 – Brad Kukuk 

  • 17 – Kevin Wauhob vs Heelan 

  • 15 – Kevin Wauhob vs Heelan 

Annual Baseball Awards

Todd Henningfeld MVP Award 
Mike Saunders Offensive Player of the Year 
Russ Dokken Pitcher of the Year Award 
Scotty Colt Gold Glove Award 
Bob Held Coaches Award

Students in Action

Photos by Gene Knudsen