Spanish National Honors Society

About the Honors Society

Spanish National Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica) (SNHS) is academic honor society focused on Spanish language excellence in secondary education.  The group which was established in 1953 in the United States is sponsored by the American Association of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).   

The chapter at West high began when the school opened in 1972.  Annually, at the end of April, SNHS has a ceremony in the media center to honor newly inducted initiates. 

Every SNHS chapter throughout the United States is named after a famous person who has positively influenced Spanish culture and language learning. The West High Chapter is named Gabriela Mistral.  

Students in Action

Spanish Honors Society Members Pose for a Group Photo

Membership Requirements: 

The requirements to be inducted into the SNHS are:  to be in Spanish III or above, to have three semesters of an “A” grade in previous Spanish classes, and to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and above.   

West High 2020 Initiates 

  • Estefany Alegria 

  • Briar Bottjen 

  • Rosario Chaclan 

  • Mercedes Cisneros 

  • Tayden Fairbanks 

  • Aldo Grijalva 

  • Pablo Guitierrez 

  • Nathaniel Marbley 

  • Payton Monroe 

  • Abigail Nelson 

  • Hang Nguyen 

  • Virginia Olivares 

  • Matthew Pauling 

  • Mila Vermilyea 

  • Andrea Alcarez 

  • Joanna Blanco 

  • Reymundo Gonzalez 

  • Jordan Krei 

  • Juan Maeda 

  • Cristian Muñoz De Anda 

  • Mindy Myers 

  • Jacquelyn Nguyen 

  • Dontiya Skelton 

  • Landin Barker 

  • Payton Hunter 

  • Martin Jimenez Alcala 

  • Cameron Johnson 

  • Syrell Patten 

  • Gisselle Ayala Garcia 

  • Daniella Campos 

  • Gabrielle Comstock 

  • Bryan Cruz 

  • Michael Duax 

  • Emmett Ellis 

  • Madison Evans 

  • Madilyn Ford 

  • Colin Houts 

  • Phuong-Anh Huynh 

  • Reid Jansen 

  • Mason Jelken 

  • Christina Mihelakakis 

  • Betzabe Muñoz 

  • Lizeth Quinonez 

  • Gracie Roberts 

  • Yesenia Montes 

  • Gustavo Orellana Santos 

  • Andrea Vazquez 

  • Jessica Olivares-Morelos 

  • Emily Persinger 

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